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Display-TAN SDK/Library

The Display-TAN library (SDK) takes care of the Bluetooth/BLE communication between smartphone and Display-TAN card.

The library helps to integrate the Display-TAN functionality into a smartphone app in a fast and easy fashion - the developer does not have to care about the Bluetooth part of Display-TAN.

The library is delivered as source code - not compiled, in order to eliminate any suspicion of containing backdoors.


The interface of the library (i.e., the set of methods offered by the library) was made as easy as possible. Basically it works like a file connection in usual programming languages: open the connection/file, write/read to it iteratively, and finally close the connection.

The library is basically identical in all systems iOS, Android, Windows10.

The same library is used for Version 1 and Version 2 of Display-TAN.

The commands are send to the card with the sendChallenge() method. The commands accepted by the card depend on the version, see the version pages for the list of available commands:

Library methods

The Display-TAN library offers the following 7 methods:

Description of the library methods

(int) openBluetoothConnection;

Tries to find a ready Display-TAN card (iOS finds it via uuid, Android finds it via name prefix ''DISPLAYTAN''). If there are more than one cards available, pick any of them.

The return codes are:

(int) getBluetoothConnectionStatus;

The return codes are:

(byte*) readCardName;

The return value is the currently stored card name.

Remark: The card name will be an easy way to distinguish card versions, like version 1 and 2. The card name is not related to the card ID used in Version 2.

(int) sendChallenge:(byte*) Data;

The bytestring Data is sent to the card

The return codes are:

(int) getChallengeStatus;

The return codes are:

(byte*) readResponse;

The return value is the currently stored response of the card

(int) closeBluetoothConnection;

Resets all current settings. The return codes are:

Library Name

The library is named LibDisplayTAN.

Library Version 1

The description of the first version of the Display-TAN library (only iOS) is stored here: library V1.
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