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Mobile Banking. The new method is shown from a user's perspective, first for Mobile Banking - for which is Display-TAN is suited especially well.


Description Mobile Banking Workflow

Video Mobile Banking

After logging in to the bank's app on the smartphone (or tablet) via account number and password, the bank customer enters a money transfer and submits the data to the bank server. The bank will return to the smartphone a request to the bank customer for a confirmation of the money transfer. For this, the bank customer puts his bank card close to the smartphone. Via Bluetooth the money transfer data are send from the smartphone to the bank card. The data are shown again on the card's display and are confirmed by the bank customer via an OK button on the card. Finally, the TAN is computed by the card, involving the secret key stored on the card, and is transmitted via Bluetooth back to the smartphone which sends it via Internet to the bank server. The bank server will check the TAN and, in case the TAN is ok, will execute the money transfer.

More Workflows: Online Banking, Internet Payment

Online Banking. In the case of Online Banking at a PC or laptop the smartphone of the bank customer becomes the transmission device in order to let a money transfer be confirmed by the Display-TAN bank card: The smartphone reads in the money transfer data via 2D-code from the PC and forwards them via Bluetooth to the bank card. The signing process then starts on the display bank card.


Finally, the TAN is forwarded by the smartphone to the bank server.

For a demonstration of the Online Banking workflow go to this demo page.

In case the PC or laptop has Bluetooth Smart (BLE) connectivity the Display-TAN bank card can of course also be directly contacted via a bank application on the PC/laptop - like in the Mobile Banking case.


Online/Mobile Shopping Payment. With Display-TAN banks can offer a method for Internet payments which has a usability comparable to PayPal but which is much more secure. Like with Paypal the own account data including password have to be typed but the rest of the payment process just consists of clicks.


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